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that breaking news is at city hall. the fire department races to the scene as guest #r*z forced to evacuate in a hurry. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. the sprinklers went off as smoke drifted through the building. >> let's go to john alston who is live. >> in the past few minutes all fire trucks left the scene. at the same time pg&e trucks are starting to pull up here at the scene. behind me you can see in the building still throughout san francisco city hall flashing lights from the fire alarm which are still going off more than an hour and a half after this call came in. now we have video that was shot a short time ago. you will see light smoke which filled the rotunda as well as
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the first floor. the fire department brought in fans for ventilation. an electrical panel in the basement blew up and exploded triggering a sprinkler system which then filled a portion of the basement of with hall with about an inch of water. at the time there was a reception going on for green build. that's a green trade show. those people were evacuated. >> we had an electrical explosion in the basement in the electrical room. pg&e just arrived. there was minimal smoke throughout the building. there was a high voltage area, so we can't get anybody inside there until we get the power cutoff. >> it was a calm scene. the alarms went off and the lights were flickering. they asked people to exit the building. >> you saw smoke at that point? >> i never saw smoke until we got out of the building. >> there were no injuries.
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it will take about two hours for pg&e to turnover the electricity. there are several lines going to city hall, and they don't want to turn off the wrongand oe and perhaps plunge a portion of the city into the dark. that will take about two hours. the assistant fire chief says that city hall he expects will be open for regular business beginning tomorrow. but there is still going to be a long night here as they try to shut off the electricity and figure out why there was this electrical fire here at san francisco city hall. live in san francisco, john alston, abc news. >> and in daly city people are cleaning up from a massive flood and mudslide. here is where it happened. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live with new details and new concerns from the city. cornell? >> carolyn, it is a muddy mess in the neighborhood. and with rain in the forecast, there is a new push from city hall here in daly city to protect homes from a new potential mudslide.
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>> it began with a wall of water and mud cascading down a hill this morning into this daly city neighborhood. for city crews it is now a race against time to clean up the mud before it starts raining. nadia fears it could happen again. >> we are just worried about another avalanche. just worried if it rains and if it comes down again there will be major flooding. >> they have a plan to keep it from leaving hillside park. joy over the neck three days we are going to be winterizing the park. we will be putting bails of hey out to absorb moisture and mud that may be traveling down the hillsides again. we will be putting in sandbags and doing everything we can to secure the parkside. >> jose santos got the call and realized his car and company van were encased in mud. these pictures show how high the mud was. the van was towed to his house where he is still cleaning the debris from underneath.
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>> it is hard to clean it. >> did you believe this much mud came from under the van? >> i can't believe it. >> the muddy misery is blame owed a 1930s era water pipe on a hillside that sent 45,000 gallons of water down the hill through the park and into the street. he abandoned his car wa it was trapped in the mud and so did he. >> it is hard to pull off. >> it is a little scary. >> yes. >> luckily the mud stayed out of homes, but now neighbors fear the upcoming rains could bring something worse. >> the city will be working hard over the next few days to protect and keep the mud from going anywhere from hillside park. meantime, anyone who suffered damage to their car can now file a claim against the city. we are live at daly city city hall, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> thanks, cornell. water officials must now determine if they will fix the
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broken pipe orie place it. the pipe runs from a 78-year-old reservoir that sits atop hillside park. they say a section of the pipe sheared off likely due to age. sky 7hd got this close up look at the pipe. the waterish ifs planned to strength -- water officials planned to strengthen the inside of the pipes. they moved the isolation valve closer to the reservoir after seismic upgrading. it allowed a cutoff of water just 10 minutes after learning about it. most victims of the pipe break should be able to be reimbursed for damage to their vehicles. seven on your side's michael finney looked into it, and he said car owners can file a claim with the city of daly city or their own auto insurance. consumer advocates advise people to check with the city first. victims of the disaster should go to the daly city clerk's office to get a claim form. >> the man accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar is facing new charges tonight in unrelated cases. torres will be charged with
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three counts of attempted kidnapping during a carjacking in connection withcrimes i three crimes in march of 2009 when he was 17 years old. investigators link garcia torres to the crimes while looking into the lamar case. the santa clara county district attorney's office received clearance from juvenile court because, remember, he was 17 at the time. they got the clearance last week to file the charg charges. one of two men who kidnapped a woman removed his mask during the course of the crime and was caught on camera. police want your help identifying him. alan wang is live in walnut creek with this developing story. alan? >> carolyn, police believe those men came here with the intent of kidnapping and robbing a random employee. now police have a good look at one of them. >> with their victim tied up and blindfolded in the backseat of the car, the two kidnappers pulled up to the walnut creek atm and withdrew money from the woman's
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account. >> we think there was just two banks. the suspects did go to each bank multiple times trying to do multiple transactions. >> the man in the backseat with the victim went by the name of david. and the driver went by the name of aubrey. but those may not be their real names. both wore ski masks. but for a second the driver pulled his mask down. >> it would appear he just let down his guard for a brief moment. those are the photos and the videos we are releasing today. >> it was a shock to everybody. >> reporter: extra security has been added at the business park after the 57-year-old watt nut creek woman was kidnapped from here last week. police say she was walking out of the pg&e office around 7:30 p.m. >> we had security available to our employees to provide escorts to their vehicles. we had a big stand down to let them know what happened and what they need to do to keep themselves safe. >> after a three and a half hour ordeal, the two men left
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the tied up woman in an oakland neighborhood. she believes they drove away in a dark-colored older model pick up truck with a loud muffler. the man in that poe toe is believed to be about -- in that photo is 5 foot 9 with a slight build. and now detective had are checking to see if those men were possibly involved in similar crimes in other cities and states. reporting live in walnut creek, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you. the u.s. house and senate intelligence committees will meet to figure out how to move forward in the cia seek scandal. sex scandal. they want to know why they were not informed what was going on earlier and if there was a breech in anyway connected to it. david petraeus resigned friday. he admitted an affair with paula broadwell. this is the first video of broadwell since the scandal broke. she is back this washington at her brother's home. investigated for threatening a friend of
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petraeus, jill kelley. they uncovered a -- they discovered a relationship between her and another top military leader, general john alan. they found 20,000 to 30,000 e-mails. some were flirtatious. alan will stay in command of u.s. forces in afghanistan. though a promotion to the leader of nato forces is on hold for the time being. much more on the petraeus sex scandal coming up on "nightline" right after this newscast at 11:35. well, it should be a decent-sized catch as crab season officially gets under way tomorrow. but prepare to pay a bit more. john alston has the story. >> the crab to pots were on pier45 tonight. in a few hours they will be on the bottom of the pacific off the dwolden gates. gash gash the golden gate. he hopes his six-figure investment will payoff. so far it has been smooth sailing after hearing he will get $3 a pound for his haul.
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>> $3. that's good. that's probably the first time i remember we got asking price. >> last year they got $2.25 a pound. but after two weeks of haggling they missed the popular thanksgiving holiday. this year's higher rate means consumers will pay in the range of $7 to $7.50 a pound which is close to sharon's limit. >> i am sure i wouldn't pay more than $7 a pound. i don't know. unless it had to be something really special. >> that's good. that's a good price. we got some of the best crab here. >> one factor in this year's higher price is fewer crabs. >> we are expecting to see less crab than last year. crab tend to be sick lick cal in production. and so it not unexpected we see less than last year and the year before. >> this is the last season before trap limits go into affect. and the crab from oregon is
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about to be over 12 med -- overwhelmed from the crab from the bay area. >> it is good. we will get the thanksgiving business we haven't had in a few years. >> fishing is fishing, and there is no guarantee. >> in san francisco, john alston, abc7 news. let's turn your attention to abc7 news meteorologist sand yaw patel. she is -- sandhya patel and how about a quick look at weather? >> we have some high clouds. let's check out doppler 7hd. the clouds are harmless, but there is fog down below. santa rosa reporting visibility over a mile. you may run into a few patches. temperatures at this hour mid40s in the coldest inland valleys. that's where you will find chilly conditions. make sure you bundle up. besides the chillyhave conditios you have mild weather in the forecast. we'll let you know when you have to trade the shades for umbrellas, and it will be days
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of wet weather. i'll be back with the details. >> thank you. richmond police say it is a first for them. an investigator with the motion picture association of america made a citizen's arrest inside a theater of a man accused of trying to bootleg a movie. it happened at the new james bond film "sky fall." they report that 39-year-old johnson is accused of using a camcorder on a tri pod to record the movie in the hilltop theater. he will be charged with video piracy. coming up next, when a blow to the head gets serious. it happened to alex smith last weekend, but what happens if oncussion? concussion? carolyn explains what you will need to know to prevent permanent damage. >> and a real baby on board. the gas station delivery caught on surveillance video. and then late other "nightline." >> thanks, coming up on "nightline" another turn in a widening scandal. what we know about the tampa socialite that helped bring down the head of t
1:22 am
examin cia. examine a murder in paradise. a software titan running from the law. >> stay with us. abc news continues in 60bñ?xús1?
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alex smith is seeking a second opinion. smith suffered a concussion on sunday that forced him from the game. here is the shock he took. he met with an independent neurologist, but according to pro football hed to sek decided to seek further medical advice. smith must be medically cleared before playing in the niners monday night game against chicago. >> well, there has been a lot of high-profile focus on concussions in professional sports, but for younger athletes returning to the field this fall and winter the rules have changed as well in an effort to better protect them. nearly a quarter million children and teenagers will suffer sports-related head injuries over it is course of the year and most will be concussions. that'sened to 11-year-old griffin playing with his pop warner team. >> somebody else hit me in the back of my helmet. i had a headache the next few days and i went to the doctor
1:25 am
and they said i had a concussion. >> can you touch your nose with this finger? >> when griffen's headaches persists he was sent to the director of the concussion center at california pacifintern medical center in san francisco. he says recent studies have shown children are actually at an elevated risk for brain damage. >> if they suffer another head injury before they have had a chance to recover from the initial head injury, the response to that can be more serious than when we see that with adults. >> the condition is known as second impact syndrome. children's brains are especially vulnerable when they are still healing. a second trauma during that window can interrupt that process. >> if there is interruption in that fragile state it can cause disruption in blood brain barrier and subsequent brain swelling. >> and even death. he says it can take several weeks or longer to confirm an injury has healed.
1:26 am
during that time he advises patients to avoid taxing physical activity. a recent california law advises young players to get a doctor's clearance before returning to the field. griffin's father believes the new rules have sparked a change in culture on the practice field as well. >> because the coaches, ease especially these coaches in war pop warner, their attitude sun believable. they are pro active. they care about these kids. they take the pressure away. if they see you get hit they will pull you. you don't have to prove you are tough. they make toughness being honest about what happened. >> while griffin says it is hard to be off the field he is happy to share the importance of it with other players. >> if you get hit in the head and you start to feel fuzzy or anything like that, tell your coach and come off the field. >> we are happy to report griffin has returned to his team 234* time for the championship run. the broncos are competing for the right to play in the national championships on the east coast.
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to learn more about the signs, symptoms and solutions, go to our website, >> griffin, a sharp young guy and good athlete. >> tomorrow is decision day for nancy pelosi. she will announce tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. our time whether she will continue as minority leader. some insiders believe it will h republicans president obama if the 72-year-old congresswoman is not in the picture. meantime president obama scheduled his first news conference since the election. abc news will carry it live 10:30 a.m. our time. well, three oakland police officers were reunited with a baby boy that they helped deliver on friday. know land -- noland shell miller is named after oakland's noland park, the spot where he was born. his father pulled in and asked for help as nolan's mother went into labor. this is surveillance video. nolam's mother gave birth in the family's suv with the help of police.
1:28 am
now four days old noland was introduced to the officers and they gave him his first teddy bear. how sweet is that? let's turn your attention to the weather forecast as we hit midweek. sand jaw patel is -- sandhya patel is back. >> it is a sweet looking forecast for midweek. let's show you the sunset. thisth is what noland came into. you can see the high clouds. it was a gorgeous day. let's check out live doppler 7hd and i will show you what it looks like. we do have some high clouds moving overhead so first thing in the morning this is what you will likely see. a combination of patchy fog and high clouds. certainly chilly in the morning. a warmer day tomorrow and a rainy pattern is setting up for the end of the week, and it is not just going to be the end of the week.
1:29 am
it was wet weather to come. make sure the little ones have a coat. 38 napa and 39 in santa rosa. come together low 40s in livermore, concord, 45 in san jose and you will notice low 50s around half moon bay. the high clouds and patches of fog. we are watching the clouds as you look at the satellite and radar. we have high pressure that will provide us with dry weather for a couple more days. but there is a storm developing far offshore, and this is the system that will bring our first possibility of rain. we will just see the high clouds tomorrow. another mild day. in the upper 60s to low 70s. then the clouds will begin to thicken. there could be a little drizzle developing around the monterey bay. the rain arrives on friday and snow is expected in the mountains and mixing in with rain as early as friday. here are the ski resorts
1:30 am
opening as soon as tomorrow. heavenly, they are both opening tomorrow. squaw valley and alpine meadows opening this coming friday. initially the snow levels are going to be very high around 6500 feet with the next couple systems. but the snow level is dropping down 5,000 feet as we head to the latter part of the weekend. they will certainly be getting fresh powder. look at these rainfall estimates. up to four inches in the north bay. three in the north bay and two for the heart of the bay area. and an inch and a half for the monterey bay. we are looking at substantial amounts of wet weather come. days to come. south bay tomorrow, 72 san jose and 71 in sunnyvale. it is a mix of sun and the high clouds. 70 degrees on the coast in pacifica. 71 daley sti. sunset district, downtown san francisco 70. 71 in santa rosa. and cal law stow gay a mild
1:31 am
day in the east bay. inland communities fare peopled, con -- fairfield, concord, livermore, mid70s for november in santa cruz. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, cooler weather by week's end. showers on friday and could be thunder on saturday. wet weather on sunday, monday and possibly into tuesday. we will be welcoming winter, carolyn and dan, as we head into friday and beyond. mike niko is here with complete updates on our changing weather. >> thanks. smie coming up next, -- coming up next, the man behind the mask. >> the big surprise when this darth vader is (kx;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ$x
1:32 am
1:33 am
well, you know a "star wars" birthday seems pretty special. >> this one may really take the cake. aidan white from wichita, kansas wanted to dress up as luke skywalker and use light sabers to fight darth vader. >> he thought it was his cousin, but when the mask came off, a navy reservist, home months early.
1:34 am
>> they rushed to hug their father. what a treat that must have been. >> that's a beautiful surprise. dad, what are you doing in darth vader's outfit? >> that is so sweet. in sports, he says he will start trying to figure out how to fix cal football by looking in the mirror. first, he may be staring at his boss. the athletic director has a timetable for the future. that's next in sports.
1:35 am
1:36 am
you can tell the way the a's felt because they were thrilled he was named the manager of the year today. melvin took what was supposed to be a last place bunch of castoffs and guided them to the american league west title. he sent out congratulations to his skipper via media. he edged out from the orioles for the honor in taking the a's to the title. johnson lead washington to a division crown. the giants came in third. this was a regular season award so bochy going to the world series was not factored in. they hosted pepperdine. they have a big-time score in
1:37 am
junior alan crab. look who was at the game? thomas going to grad school at cal. trying to better himself. i really need to start trying that. loose ball. he passes to richard and the bears have a solid 1-2 punch. he had 23 points. crab on fire in the second half. 24 of his career high 33 in the second half. back to back three's. cal by 12. that's his dad looking on. that is robert thurmond. they move to 2-0. 79-62. tony gonzalez is watching duke and kentucky battling top five teams in atlanta. kentucky just reloads. lead by two freshmen. with authority. it was was curry's little brother who lead all scores with 23. shrift slithering inside.
1:38 am
duke takes it 75-68. nba lakers 2-0 under interim coach. down one and 10 seconds to go and who will take the big shot 1234* danny green with the go ahead 3? 9 seconds left and they inbound to gasol and try to hit kobe. he does president pass so he has to settle for a deep 3 and no good. the spurs win it 84-82. will he gets a chance to rebuild the cal program the way he resurrected it? he will find out on sunday. the bears finish a dismal season at oregon state. he will sit down with sandy barber to talk about the future and whether there is one for him. it will come at a price. it is 6.9 million. the boosters have to foot the bill if they want a new coach. >> we really have to put on a microscope, how can i be better as a head coach 1234* what can i do to help our
1:39 am
staff and our players? the first place i will look is for input on the staff for those type of things. >> abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. and she says she wants to meet sunday because she wants to set a direction as quickly as possible. >> like to be a fly on the wall in that meeting. >> that's a lot to come up

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